تركيا خمسين مليار يورو وتوفر عشرين ألف وظيفة.

Turkey fifty billion euros and provide twenty thousand jobs.

Fifty billion euros, and the creation of twenty thousand jobs.

Turkey is close to displaying the first car manufactured in Turkey, and with purely domestic domestic Turkish arms.

And the production of cars will contribute to the GDP of fifty billion euros, in addition to securing twenty thousand jobs.

A few days ago, a group of companies producing and supervising the process of manufacturing homemade Turkish cars.

 By posting another picture of the car on a Twitter site, the image gives a simple overview of what the car is.

Where the front lights of the car appear, in addition to the two front mirrors, the roof and the side edges of the car.

The tweet, which was published earlier, included a picture of the car, which was taken in complete darkness around the car.

 With the headlights illuminated, it was indicated that the countdown had begun to fully detect the car.

And there was only one day left to reveal the car, amid great enthusiasm for the project, which was noticeably supported.

Where the image gained wide interaction on various social media, estimated in thousands.

 The group's official account on Twitter garnered 88,000 followers, after the first Twitter post was posted to the account.

It is worth noting that Turkey is emerging from its economic woes and recovering, achieving progress in all levels, the last of which was making a Turkish car with pure Turkish local hands.

It is a step that would support the country's national product, and provide job opportunities for a vast number of young people, expertise and cadres.

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