الإمارات تستغل To Tok لأغراض التجسس

UAE exploits To Tok for espionage purposes

The spread of many news about the Emirates' involvement in espionage cases inside and outside the Emirates, both (Apple) and (Google) have deleted the famous application known as (To Tok) from their electronic stores, which is one of the most famous instant messaging applications

This came after receiving leaks stating that the United Arab Emirates was abusing the application, by using it for espionage purposes on all citizens, residents and tourists, present in the United Arab Emirates.

The decision of the two American companies came after a report by the New York Times on Sunday, saying that the UAE uses the "Tutuk" program as a tool to spy on its citizens.

Emirati espionage carried out by the United Arab Emirates, on those present in it, is done through the user installing the application, then the contact data is automatically extracted from the textures installed in the users ’phones of the application.

It is also possible for the United Arab Emirates to spy on the user's website, by providing and providing the weather forecast feature in the United Arab Emirates.

The giant Google said that the application violates its policy, while Apple has reported its desire to reveal more of the UAE’s excesses.

But the most important question that comes to mind is who created the application and published it in a viral form, and managed to reach millions of users in a short period of time.

The application was created by Brigade Holding Company, which is based in the UAE city (Abu Dhabi), while activists confirmed that this company is connected to the UAE (Dark Matter)

It is an active company in the field of electronic piracy.

This company has a long tradition of hacking and hacking, and is close to the UAE government

And Emirati intelligence men work in it, in cooperation with the Israeli component

It is worth noting that the United Arab Emirates has banned the most popular instant messaging program in the world, which is the (WhatsApp) application, which is owned by the Facebook company.

The UAE government banned it for adopting a file encryption system, which would prevent any spying

The UAE government also banned the application of Skype

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